Funny & Fun Pics & Videos of the web - Premium 1.0

Funny & Fun Pics & Videos of the web - Premium 1.0



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Date Added:17 November, 2014

Author: Void Software

Category: Mobile  >  Entertainment

Funny & Fun Pics & Videos of the web is beautiful environment for You to enjoy, combined with powerful web mining engine.

Together they strive to create fun and polished experience You will love.
It took a lot of time, innovation, research and shear effort in making the OpenGL gui and powerfull web mining engine so we are excited for You to try it, and hopefully enjoy.

Some of the major features
* Stylish and fast, user experience based, OpenGL user interface
* Chronological magazine display, shows newest items first and allows easy cathing up - never again miss, or be confused on what did you see last
* Magazine quality visuals all around, creates logical and polished experience from pictures and videos that came from numerous sources
* Extremely fast, content only, content based browsing experience!
* No ads! Nowhere! We do not use ads, and we strive to remove all and every add from items we mine. All for Your enjoyment!

+ Advanced internet caching, not limited by apple web cache, saves bandwidth and increase application speed
+ Smart internet detection, Wifi full speed download, 3G with throttling! We care about Your resources!
+ Optimized display modes and specialized separate display routines for iPad and iPhone, new and old generations, iOS 3, iOS 4 and iOS 5, keeping everyone happy!
+ Advance duplicate posts detector across all sites, never see same item twice!
+ Web miner, html miner, rss reader/miner, Facebook crawler, YouTube sniffer, and more

* Mines for many item types: jpg, png, gif, anim gif, html5 video, YouTube, viddler,
* Advanced single pic/video/page.url sharing across multitude of options
* Find similar pictures across the web. See a picture something You like? Search the whole web for similar items!
* Slideshow option for added comfort and leisure

Some of the sites web engine mines:
- FailBlog family (FAIL Blog Home, Failbook, WIN!, There I Fixed It, Poorly Dressed, Dating Fails, Engrish Funny, That Will Buff Out, Monday Through Friday, Bros, Ugliest Tattoos, Up Next In Sports, After 12, Holidays, Criminal Fails, Parenting Fails)
- Memebase family (Memebase Home, This Is Photobomb, Very Demotivational, GraphJam, Sey±or Gif, Picture Is Unrelated, Comixed, Derp, Art of Trolling, Go Cry Emo Kid, Superheroes, Rage Comics, I choose you!, Brony Memes and Pony Lols)
- I can has cheezburger family (I Can Has Cheezburger? Home, I Has A Hotdog, Just Capshunz, Daily Squee, Historic LOLs, My Food Looks Funny, So Much Pun, ROFLrazzi, Totally Looks Like, Must Have Cute, If Style Could Kill, It Made My Day, Pundit Kitchen, Lovely Listing, Tots and Giggles, Wedinator, 5min getaway)
- The Daily What family (The Daily What, TDW Geek, TDW Tease)
- That Guy With The Glasses (TGWTG Update, Latest Podcasts, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara, Nostalgia Chick, Benzaie, Spoony, Angry Joe, Sage, Brad Jones, MarzGurl, Film Brain, Phelous, Paw, CR!, JewWario, Game Heroes, Ed Glaser, AVG/VGA, Guru Larry, Distressed Watcher, Luke Mochrie, MikeJ, Obscurus Lupa, Team4Star, Dena and Lee, JesuOtaku, ToddInTheShadow, Sad Panda)
- YouTube channels (You Tube Comedy, You Tube Entertainment, smosh, barelypolitical, nicepeter, shanedawsontv, ShaneDawsonTV2, Shane - iPhone Channel, Fred, machinima, sxephil, BlueXephos, realannoyingorange, RayWilliamJohnson, nigahiga, TimothyDeLaGhetto2, communitychannel, mileymandy, thelonelyisland)
- Babes & Hunks of Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Star Trek Daily Pic from
- Misc sites:, Humorpix,,, Damn! LOL, Funny Pic Blog,, Oddee and more.

Even further any site You think we should have, leave a request in comments and we will include it in the next update!

* We are not responsible for the content of external websites.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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